Leigh Arms

Little Leigh, Northwich

Bands who have played at the Leigh Arms

We have a regular live music night every Thursday from about 9:00pm. Many of the bands come from the local area and cover familiar rock and pop tunes. Many of these bands are also regulars at our summer 'Rhythm by the River' music festival. You will be sure to find something to your taste from the bands which have played at the Leigh Arms. 

The list below shows the bands that come to play, many of which have a Facebook page, Youtube videos or their own websites. Click on the links to find out more!

Acoustic Evening  Ashley Fayth  Beardsmith Beaver 
 Blind Summit Blues Chicken Run Coldflame Dirty Little Secret
 Keith (just me) Kenny Pete Walker & Alec Johnson  Pink Pumps 
Run for cover Small Mercies Smoke Shack The Dans
The Dukes The Gus Glynn Band The Red River Band Tijuana Death Squad 
The Bohemian Kings Gresty's Wasters Spitting Feathers Scratch
Stolen Property      


hours 12 2020

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